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#OneWord to Change Your Life in 2013

By Stephanie Rathgeber


Instead of writing traditional New Year’s resolutions, our youth group decided to join the #oneword revolution for 2014. We made things simple this year and we chose one word that we wanted to live by for the entire year. Our choice was a 3 step process.

#1 – What held you back in 2013?

What were the parts of your life in 2013 that disappointed you? What decisions do you wish that you had or hadn’t made?

#2 – What does God want for you in 2014?

The students analyzed what God was leading them toward in 2014. What was he laying on their hearts?

#3 – How can you change YOUR world?

It might be hard to change the entire word, but all it takes is your own mindset/willpower to change YOUR world. Remembering that it is hard to change other people but easier to change yourself was a large focus of our decision making.


With all of that in mind, our students chose one word to live by for 2014. We made cards with our word on one side and scripture to help guide us on the other. Words like FOCUS, BELIEVE, FAITH, TRUST, RESILIENT, TALENT, ACCEPTANCE, EXCEED, AND STRIVE littered our youth room as students discussed their goals for the new year. We ended the lesson by allowing students to use washable markers to “tattoo” their words on themselves as a symbol of their commitment to keep their chosen word in their heart throughout the year. I snapped some interesting photos and the students took their cards home to post on their mirror or in their room as a reminder of their decisions. All in all, it was a fun activity that helped us to better ourselves and focus on what God wants for us in 2014.

Pastor of Bethel Tabernacle in Paducah, KY

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